Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do Celebrities And Influencers Buy Instagram Followers?

Yes, Of course no one would be fool enough to admit it, but everyone more or less does buy instagram followers. The market is so competitive and tough and the dynamics of the game change so dramatically that is becomes a necessity to opt this option.

Q. Is It Ok To Buy Instagram Followers From Any Site?

No, it is a strict no-no when it comes to buying instagram followers. You should only buy from legitimate sites like ours for this deal. There are many dubious sites which are into providing bot followers and likes, these followers are neither active nor real. The Instagram algorithms recognize this and can ban your profile. So it is always advisable to go with genuine and authentic sites only for buying Instagram followers and likes.

Q. How Does The Whole Buying Instagram Concept Works?

It works on the bandwagon effect, that is when people see that one profile is loaded with many followers as a basic human instinct they are curious to look into the profile and thus are lured into your profile like this you get organic traffic. If you have a great content and presentation they would be hooked to you and follow you. Thus this whole concept acts as a catalyst and assist you in creating a popular Instagram account.

Q. Can I Get Banned For Buying Followers And Likes?

No you cannot, if you buy from legitimate sites like ours, Google or instagram only ban the account which have brought followers from fake or dubious sites. The fake sites provide bot followers who are not active and have non followers themselves. So This creates suspicion and strong chance of suspension.